New Year 2012

Happy New Year to all out there.
I was flicking through a few photos over the Christmas and came across this one from New Hampshire.
The new year has brought a few bookings and I hope more, the weather last year was not the best but we live in hope.
Those of you thinking of booking you can either ring or text 087 2213900 to make an enquiry.
Because of the lean times we live in I’m willing to hold my prices this year.
A full day fishing, group 8+ €60 per person. Single double booking €70 pp.
Remember I want you to have a
‘free day out’ by taking your catch home for the freezer. I saw this week at the local supermarket Cod at €18 per kilo, wow !
Again guys keep thinking fair weather for the year and I hope to see you all back in Dingle.
Nearly forgot I have a great arrangement with a few of the B&B’s in Dingle, I can offer you 1 overnight B&B + a full day’s fishing at €95 per person if you have 4 or more travelling.
Rory 087 2213900.

This guy had a furnature problem or had a great idea when it comes to cooking your own in the wild, bring your own table !!!!

Would you try this one ??

The stern & props before painting 2011.

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I'm a captain with over 40 year experience, I operate a charter boat from Dingle Ireland.
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