2021 New Year – New Start

cropped-IMG_07291.jpgWelcome to 2021.

For the past few months we have been working on Molly’O installing a new upgraded fish finder and we have put ‘downriggers’ aboard. This is exciting for us, the fish finder will tell me at what depth the fish are at then we lower the riggers to the fish, the downriggers are towed slowly over the shoal and hopefully the fun starts landing the big ones!

We are waiting for a date to go fishing, as soon as that happens I will post dates available for half and full days angling on Molly’O. In the meantime you can provisionally book your date by  calling me Rory or text 0872213900, send an e-mail to me deepseadingle@gmail.com

Below are some photos from Last year, even short was a great fishing year.

Time now to get your rods and gear ready, there are great bargains out there !

Good fishing


Skipper Molly’O – Dingle

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Start of the 2017 fishing season.

We had 2 successful fishing trips so far this Spring. My 1st group were an American family, our day out was slow to start but then we got going with plenty fish for dinner and for the neighbours also.

The next group were regulars from the Hotel Europe, Killarney. They had about 150 kg of mainly Pollack so everyone had plenty fish to take home.

We’re out again over Easter and if you want a good day ring/call me Rory on 087 2213900 for a booking.Check me out in Facebook FB page Rory O’Connor or Deepseadingle.

More news after Easter…………………..screaming reels………haha.


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Summer 2016

Today the 20th August is stormy giving me a chance to catch up on the posts and adding a few pictures. Although I have been posting on FB under Rory O’Connor and on Deep Sea Dingle.

The Summer fishing was good with lots of groups some with loads of experience and some who enjoyed the learning and were delighted with their 1st fish !


Our friends from France are all good fishermen and were delighted with Cod, Pollack and a few Ling. They told me they have to go 20/30km from shore to catch fish in NW France, I was astounded with this information.

Even when you break your favourite fishing rod it can be hilarious !

Birdwatching with Ed Carty’s Pelagic trip was interesting with rare birds seen notably a pair of Wilson’s Petrels. The winner of the best sighting was presented with Ed’s Pelagic Trophy and written into Birdwatch Ireland !

Please click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

More soon,


Ring 087 2213 900 for bookings

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Whale Watch/Fishing 2016

IMG_0729[1]The weather has not been kind, the holiday weekends have been stormy, but at last Good News, Humpback Whales have bee sighted on two occasions this week in Dingle Bay. Friday’s forecast is for calm seas and I’m planning a trip out to meet them, if there are like-minded people out there call me on 087 2213900.


lrg_106_img_0039_1302534865110_small lrg_111_fin_whales_1302534868410_smallIt would be great to capture one of these magnificent animals breaching or showing the tail flukes ! If you are travelling to Dingle Friday morning bring warm clothing, it’s still April but we’ll have loads of hot Tea & Coffee aboard.


Fishing will resume next week and we hope for a great ‘fishy’ season like last year with some great catches, new stuff for this year ??




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Winter & New Year 2016

A Happy New Year to all you Fishers, Whale & Dolphin watchers, photographers & Bird Watchers out there.

On our way out

Not much to report at this time, the fierce storms of December were a worry but thankfully no damage was incurred here in Dingle.

This is the time of year for those ‘winter jobs’ to be done and a think on the year ahead. My biannual Dept Marine survey coming in the Spring, everything will be checked in the net few weeks to ensure all is working and in good order. The usual changes are the flares, life raft and First Aid kit to be brought up to date.

I have a few ideas for fishing methods in the new season, these I’m working on and I will publish the changes ASAP ………

Click on the photo to enlarge or on any photo on y posts.

IMG_0729[1]I will be starting fishing trips mid March, St. Patrick’s Day is our usual slow start but with Easter 10 days later it will be full on from the 16th March.

Booking are coming in steadily so now is a good time to get your buddies together for a few days fishing on Molly’O from Dingle. As usual we encourage you to take your catch home or with our ‘catch & cook’ you can eat it here where the chef will prepare your fish in the local pubs.

Follow me on Facebook under Deep Sea Dingle or Rory O’Connor.

Book your fishing day out on Molly’O and an overnight in Dingle, just call text 087 2213900 IMG_0771[1]if you prefer e-mail deepseadingle@gmail.com

More on my plans later,



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IMG_0729[1]August and September were good months weather-wise and we took the advantage of some fine days. The photo above was taken with a full crew of 12 passengers fishing with plenty space along the starboard side. We were south of the Blaskets that day and as you can see the weather was fine ore importantly the fishing was better that day.

IMG_0771[1]Bernhard and his friends from Brittany were back again, as usual good fishermen with ‘a laugh a minute’ attitude even when one broke his rod on a Pollack.

IMG_0796Bernhard had a fine Ling a few Octopus and a lot of big Pollack. I was amazed to find out that they have to travel about 20 miles offshore in France to fish Pollack, they love it here and fish all the Kerry coast from canoes and from the rocks but the midday lunch is all important and fishing stops for a while.

IMG_0800IMG_0794Sebs Markarel

More in this post later, WordPress have changed I’m getting used to the new format uploading to this site.

We will be winter fishing from 10am to 3pm weather permitting cost €40 per person, we can also do 3 hour trips, please ring me on 087-2213900 for a booking or just to have a chat, thanks for reading this, leave a blog.


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Autumn 2015

On our way outAugust was a good month with mainly good weather but as usual here in the SW a few bad ones also. There were a lot of diverse fishers from the expert to the novice, even the experts can get it wrong, see below broken rod !


But in general they had a good time with loads of fish, this group are regulars and Bernard told me they have to travel 40 miles off shore for good fishing. Good Cod a few fine Ling big Pollack, Mackerel and a few Ling were caught.

IMG_0794This fisherman was almost convinced when he struck gold with 2 fine Pollack and 2 fine Cod on a 5 hook jig, I was sure he was stuck but no he landed all 4


On another day close to Slea Head we came on a mark of Mackerel and Scad so thick it was impossible not to fill all the hooks on the jigs, it got tiring after a while fish after fish, see the Fish Finder in the photo below.

IMG_0768The lads hauling fish after fish in the next photo.


More later on Tuna fishing there were signs of a bonanza of Bluefin near our coast, the Albacore are just 20 miles off shore with good landings.

Rory 087 2213900, ring me for an Autumn booking.

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Summer Fishing


The weather played hell with us during July but the days we got out were good.


It was mostly Pollack and a few Cod during the Summer with the Mackerel scarce and when found they were small.


Tim’s Octopus was an unusual catch as you can see the weather was good.


The lads on this trip were having a bit of fun during the trip but that was the only shark aboard, anyone for a shark steak ?


At any time a Ling is a welcome fish, this was a fine specimen close to the shore.

Having a chef aboard with a bunch of lads on a trip was great he did all the filleting and kitchen prep aboard Molly’O on our way home. The BBQ was going to be a great party in Dingle.



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Good Weather on the way

The weather forecast is good for the next 4/5 days, I’m going Fishing.

If you want to join me out on Dingle Bay ring/call me 087 2213900 to book.

Sebs Markarel

Sunday looks like it will be a ‘fishy’ day, I have space available.

IMG_0414We will probably see some Dolphins and maybe a Whale or even Basking Sharks

The scenery for non fishers is special along the West Kerry coast.

IMG_0284Looking forward to a fish filled weekend,

Rory 087 2213 900

Follow me on Facebook !

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Easter 2015

Easter week was the best weather we got in years for early April.

We were out during these fine days, Pollack was the main fish and were plentiful.

The Easter tides were strong and this made it difficult to stay on the marks for any length of time but we kept moving and drifting.

Esk TowerThis is Eask Tower on the hill overlooking Dingle town and the approach to the harbour.

The boys from Latvia and Lithuania enjoying the fine weather and the fishing, photos above, the group leader Vitaly, below is well wrapped up ! Soon the heavy jacket had to come off as the sun warmed us.


 The Common Dolphins were again our company for a while, we cruised at 6 knots in a big 1 mile circle watching them riding the ‘bow wave’.


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