Autumn 2015

On our way outAugust was a good month with mainly good weather but as usual here in the SW a few bad ones also. There were a lot of diverse fishers from the expert to the novice, even the experts can get it wrong, see below broken rod !


But in general they had a good time with loads of fish, this group are regulars and Bernard told me they have to travel 40 miles off shore for good fishing. Good Cod a few fine Ling big Pollack, Mackerel and a few Ling were caught.

IMG_0794This fisherman was almost convinced when he struck gold with 2 fine Pollack and 2 fine Cod on a 5 hook jig, I was sure he was stuck but no he landed all 4


On another day close to Slea Head we came on a mark of Mackerel and Scad so thick it was impossible not to fill all the hooks on the jigs, it got tiring after a while fish after fish, see the Fish Finder in the photo below.

IMG_0768The lads hauling fish after fish in the next photo.


More later on Tuna fishing there were signs of a bonanza of Bluefin near our coast, the Albacore are just 20 miles off shore with good landings.

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