Summer 2016

Today the 20th August is stormy giving me a chance to catch up on the posts and adding a few pictures. Although I have been posting on FB under Rory O’Connor and on Deep Sea Dingle.

The Summer fishing was good with lots of groups some with loads of experience and some who enjoyed the learning and were delighted with their 1st fish !

Lady fisher

Our friends from France are all good fishermen and were delighted with Cod, Pollack and a few Ling. They told me they have to go 20/30km from shore to catch fish in NW France, I was astounded with this information.

IMG_0794Many of our guests were Oriental, lovers of eating fish, again I found some of them who had never fished on the ocean were excellent fishers.


Oriental Ladies (2)

Even when you break your favourite fishing rod it can be hilarious !


Birdwatching with Ed Carty’s Pelagic trip was interesting with rare birds seen notably a pair of Wilson’s Petrels. The winner of the best sighting was presented with Ed’s Pelagic Trophy and written into Birdwatch Ireland !

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