March 2012

The weather for the past week has been exceptional and we took advantage of  it, last Sunday. Conditions were perfect with light winds and a slight swell.
We started about 30 minutes from Dingle and after waiting a  few minutes we were in a shoal of Mackarel. Everyone aboard was hooking 3 & 4 fish at a time. It didn’t take us long to fill a box 40 kgs. We moved west to Slea Head and fished here for about an hour, more Mackarel and some Pollack. After lunch we moved south a few miles to the Wild Bank and started to drift with the tide northwards, the fishing was hectic with good Cod and large Pollack.

Hectic fishing

For 2/3 hours we worked this area and the fishing remained good. We finished up with about 200 kgs of fish for the day, not bad, everyone aboard were getting aching arms from hauling fish so we decided to steam home to Dingle. The weather a good crew and good fishing made this a memorable day out for the lads.

Dinner tonight ??

Looking foreward to next weekend. Rory.

About rory

I'm a captain with over 40 year experience, I operate a charter boat from Dingle Ireland.
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