June ’12

It’s been a while since I wrote a few lines due to busy days and boat painting & maintainance.
We had great and bad days during June. It turned out to be the wettest June for many years but during the good days we had a couple of curise ships in to the bay.

The National Geographic ship

Danny led the Dutch Fishers this year on their return to Dingle. We had on the first day an exciting time with high winds from the SE fishing was abandoned as the wind got up to F8.
The next few days were surprisingly calm but the fishing was not.

Check out my trousers !

I’m waiting for the Dutch photos to post them, the tee shirts are great.
Our last day was very slow as we travelled and tried all the spots as far as Slea Head. We had by noon the great catch of 3 Mackarel and 2 small Polack. We tried West of Slea Head in the wind from the NW and suddelly the fish were coming in fast and furious.
For a last few hours we travelled south to the Wild Bank, on the 1st drift we were in to large Cod, Ling & Pollack, what a finish to a great few days. That night the chef at John Benny’s Pub cooked the fish for Dinner.
Martin and the guys from Wales had a great trip also. These guys have been coming to Dingle for many years and know the area well. I’m wiating for photos from Wales to post also.
Next week 1st July I’ll report on the weeks fishing but the forecast is for a lot of wind !

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