Last Sunday

Another great fishing day. Within 4 miles of the harbour we had tried yesterday without ant luck, so today we set out for the deeper water south of the Blaskets. The tide was ebbing with us as we left, when we got to the fishing grounds it was about low water with slack tide and a slight SE breeze. Again like yesterdat the fishing was sporadic. We kept on the move trying with a few good Pollack here and there. All of a sudden one of the guys spotted a seal, this was bad news for fishing as there are hundreds of seals on the Big Island beach at this time of year. We hauled up and steamed off at full speed to the South. Shortly after starting fishing here and with the deeper water we started getting fish slowly at first. All around us we had great company, Common Dolphins gave us a fine display of jumping and bow riding an unusual sight for some of the guys from Latvia. As the tide started flowing the fishing out here got much better with fine Cod & a few Ling being landed. The forecast for the next weekend is poor so we will have more news & phoots, hopefully, next week. Rorycaption=”Playfull Common Dolphins”][Playfull]

John a happy man

Look at the box near Valdas !

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