Believe it or not, I was out fishing more times in October this year than in September. We had nice breaks in the weather and the fish were still biting even though harder to find. A few 18 inch Squid were the most unusual catches this month, these we caught on our last drift at about 5.00 pm. The same day we had big Cod, one was about 4/5 kg and of course I didn’t bring the camera that day to record it.
November has started with a bang it is now blowing about 100 kph from the South East but by Saturday it should have calmed down.
I have a few guys to go out the week end so I’ll report on the outing with photos.
We do not stop fishing for the winter, if the weather is good and you guys want to fish, I’m good to go.

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I'm a captain with over 40 year experience, I operate a charter boat from Dingle Ireland.
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